A downloadable game for Windows

This is a mostly faithful remaster of the original I Wanna Be The Guy by Kayin, trying to balance the spirit of the original game with the desire for consistent physics like the fangames that came after, and fixing some of the jank.

This was created using a modified version of Yuuutu, and has been prepatched with gm8x_fix (link). The source code has been included (GM 8.1).

→ New Features:

- Yuuutu physics
- English or Japanese text
- Perfect quality re-recorded audio
- Cleaned up sprite scaling
- Controller support
- Button remapping
- Separate volume sliders
- Smooth 50FPS and Vsync option
- Fullscreen with crisp pixel filtering
- 200% scaling window mode for compatible displays
- 800x600 fullscreen mode for compatible displays
- Optional restarting music
- Reduced input lag and no background input
- Dipswitches to customize your experience
- Unlockable content

→ Removed features:

- Unintended crashing

We hope you enjoy this remaster!

Discord: https://discord.gg/rueEMsqRt5

Release date Dec 22, 2020
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(19 total ratings)
AuthorsCherry Treehouse, Renko, renex, Floogle
Tags2D, Difficult, GameMaker, iwbtg, masocore, needle-game, precision-platformer, remaster, Side Scroller, Singleplayer


IWBTGR 1.4.0.zip 41 MB

Install instructions

1. Download the ZIP
2. Extract the ZIP to its own folder
3. Enjoy!


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I'm interested in building a project, but when I try to build it, it gives me an error.

like this -> Unknown function or script:YoYo_EnableAlphaBlend

How can I solve this?

How to start game


here is a fan art, hope you like it :)

What would the controller options be to map it to a ps5 controller? I've tried setting it up and it shows 'option9' etc and have a hard time guessing what goes with what input.


Read the readme's Default Controls part. When you start mapping your controller, just press the controls as they're shown in the readme in order: Up, Down, Left, Right, Jump (I use X), Shoot (I use Square), Restart (I use Triangle), Pause, Skip (I use Circle), Suicide (I use R2).

Good grief I missed that. Thank you.

Scuse me! is there a way to import saves from IWBTG classic? I may have starteda game back in 2012 and just now beat wily and would hate to have to start at square one.

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Hmm, I keep getting an "Error: Failed to initialize D3DX" message trying to boot it up, not sure what's been causing it.

Can you fix the save crash that when i shoot the save button it crash

Mmh. This game used to work well enough with I Wanna Play Online, but it doesn't anymore. Oh well.

Still, a wonderful Remastered of the original. Great job, guys !

When I try to launch the game there is a message error that appear that says "Stream read error." and then proceed by saying that "Unexpected error occured when running the game." it didn't happend before I updated my computer.

you need the guy og for this

To reset contols press control c.


Just as a disclaimer: We are aware that controller support is breaking on some PCs. We're currently very busy on other projects, but we will look into this in due time. In the meantime, we suggest using something like JoyToKey if it is breaking for you. 

I tried to play this and everything works aside from one thing. Controller inputs are only read the first time I lunch the game.

I lunch the game for the first time, it says we detected your Xbox One Controller set it up, done, get in the game. 

I quit the game, get back in the game, and it just doesn't read my Controller and only reads keyboard.

The only way is to delete “config.ini”, making me feel like there's something wrong with the chain of 1s and zeroes in the file.

Doing this will ask you to set up your controller again and since you deleted the config file your settings are gone too.
Is there a fix for this anywhere?


so you are eating the game?


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I've been wanting to play this since I learned about it. When it 1st started it up, it asked me to set the 360 controller. The game responded to no input nor the close "X". I had to close it with the task manager. I restarted and hit ctrl C to map my controller, but it wanted me to select a button for a number and not an action. I wrote down the numbers which correspond to my 360 on Win 10. I've tried different combinations and cannot move or play the game. The controller config screen locked up one of those times.  I don't want to plod along with a text input device, but it doesn't work with my keyboard, except for ctrl C.

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I can't get an Xbox Series X controller to work, during the opening screen it doesn't allow me to press a button to set it up even though it says to press a button on it.  Could support be added?

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Try updating the controller firmware in the Xbox Accessories app, mine suddenly worked properly after that.

Then the controller labels were missing, so it just showed prompts like "Please press options9". The list of keyboard keys in the Readme txt seems to match the order of the prompts, so for options9 press your "Up" button, then "Down", "Left", "Right", "Jump", etc.

so when the game is done downloading it says "file moved or missing" and i cant find it in the files which means the file is deleting itself or getting deleted.

Probably Windows defender or your antivirus is flagging it as a virus  (false-positive), some gamemaker game have that issue

How do you use this with gm8emulator like the secret thing in the room of divine transportation says?

I try to just drag the game onto the exe and it opens for a second, loads something and closes about a second later.(I tried with destination and iwbtfangame and they opened fine, i also tried doing it in cmd prompt and the same thing happened).

The emulator's internals got overhauled pretty drastically during the summer, which broke compatibility. I've been meaning to fix that. Keep an eye on the emulator Discord, I'll get to that sooner rather than later.

Oh ok, thanks. I'll make sure to check that then.

I fixed it :)

I downloaded the zip package and extracted it. Trying to run "wine IWBTGR.exe" returns "Failed to load the game data. File seems corrupted." Behind that is a popup window reading "Error reading SplashEdit.Lines.Strings: RichEdit line insertion error."

The instructions indicate that I should be able to just download the package and run the executable, perhaps the instructions are unclear/incomplete?

We got someone to try the game on Mac, and they got it working using Wineskin Winery. I tried it myself on WSL, and while it didn't boot (I'm going to blame WSL), it got further than yours did.

While we aren't easily able to directly support non-Windows platforms, I'd be interested to hear what operating system you're running.

I fixed it on my end, the default wine prefix was misconfigured with respect to IWBTGR

When I try to open it says "File seems corrupted" :'c

ah, you probably have an old version of game maker 8. we use 8.1.141.

Oh thanks, now I can play it 

great work, considering the original IWBTG always prone to crash or get wonky.

Don't work with Xbox Elite controler 

I mapped shoot to K and am unable to shoot in the Zangief fight due to a division by 0

oh yeah we'll get to that in the next patch, sorry about that

are the zombies faster in the ghosts n goblins part? (faster than in the original i mean)


AMAZING game! makes you want to die every step of the way.  yay


Awesome and faithful. I love IWBTG and it is a classic of the genre, but the original game has technical flaws compared to fangames, this is awesome job.

Deleted 339 days ago

We censored the "R word" specifically because it's derogatory. It's a joke Kayin regrets making now (and would have patched out of the game himself) but it's in the game as an option for the sake of preservation which I feel is the best compromise (he approved this too). The usage of shit is incredibly minor and it's not offensive really so I don't feel it really needs to be accounted for.

Thanks for your thoughts!

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Any chance of a macOS port? I'm happy to lend a hand.

(btw for anyone wondering, it runs ok on Crossover but I had some lag)


No, sorry, Game Maker for Mac is based on GM7 and we use GM8.2. Try using wine! I've had reports that GM8 games work fine through it.

i like it!

It says the game was updated, what changed? Also will you be doing a remaster of IWBTG Gaiden in the future?

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Very small micropatches like a very rare bug with the bomb where it would clip through the floor if you did something unintentional and unhelpful. Nothing super important.

Also, Gaiden isn't really a full game yet (and probably wont ever be) so I don't think there's really too much of a reason to remaster it

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first on dowload this game :)  finally new game :D im happy  i love i wanna be the guy

edit: i cant play this game but

I get an error regarding the dimensions of characters or sprites, I don't know why and my screen turns black I think it's something from my computer I have a windows xp XD

Oh, sorry! You need at least 512mb of ram and 256mb of video ram to play the game...


oooh okey :( i wanna buy a new computer this computer (windows xp) is so old 


you do realize that there is a whole massive community of IWBTG games, right? like literally thousands of them. go to delicious-fruit.com or iwannawiki.com